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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alien Vs Predator:One Helluva Ride
                                    There are three campaigns in the game, one for each race/faction (the Predators, the Aliens and the Colonial Marines), that, while separate in terms of individual plot and gameplay, form one overarching storyline.Following the storyline of the campaign modes comes the multiplayer aspect of the game. In this Multiplayer section of the game, players face off in various different gametypes in various different ways.
Predators: As in the films, the Predator prefers to stalk its prey from the safety of treetops and the gameplay reflects this, the player leaping from branch to branch automatically with the help of a "focus jumping" game mechanic. The Predator has different vision modes, the most recognizable from the films being a thermal imaging scanner, but the player also has different vision modes for spotting Aliens.
Aliens fight in close-quarters with their claws and tails, getting as close as possible to their prey as quickly as possible. Aliens have the ability to climb walls and jump from distances without effort, and can blend in with shadows, using darkness to their advantage. Within limited ranges, aliens can seek out prey through walls. These senses also allow Aliens to clearly observe cloaked Predators. In the single player campaign, players will have the opportunity to harvest 'hosts'. By pinning the host, nearby facehuggers are able to locate and latch on to them, thereby propagating the Hive. Throughout the game, the player also has the opportunity to perform 'Stealth Kills'.
Marines: The Colonial Marine campaign is far closer to that of a standard first-person shooter. Marines carry a wide arsenal including pulse rifles, flamethrowers, and auto-tracking Smartguns. To help navigate the surroundings, marines are equipped with shoulder-mounted lamps, surveying flares to briefly illuminate darkened areas, and motion trackers, capable of providing info on
hostile positioning as they move.
                                                    In case you encounter any issues other than the ones discussed here,feel free to ping me.But first system requirements:
System Requirements:
Windows 7/ XP/Vista
1 GB System RAM (XP)/ 2 GB System RAM (Vista)
3.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4/Athlon 64 3000+ or equivalent processor
DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with 128 MB RAM (NVIDIA 6600 or better, ATI X1600 or better)
Recommended :
Windows 7/ XP/Vista
Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 or equivalent processor
2 GB System RAM
DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with 512 MB RAM (NVIDIA 8800 series, ATI HD2900 PRO or better)
 Note: Make sure all your nvidia or Ati drivers are upto date.
Problem #1: Aliens vs Predator PC ( AVP PC ) keeps stuttetering or pausing at random or at certain points:

Possible Solution #1:

Play in offline mode.

Possible Solution #2: (By lee63 from the Steam forums)

Try running the game in windowed mode…the priority it at normal then, its at low when you alt tab out of the game.

Possible Solution #3: (found by Mkilbride2588 from Gamefaqs)
The stuttering issue that can be fixed on a Nvidia system by setting the pre render frames to 0 in the Nvidia control panel.Having Force Alternate Frame Rendering set to 1, with the Maximum pre-rendered frames on 0 has provided the best balance between FPS and stutter/freezing so far. I get fairly solid frames (still drops a bit when loading the next area, or with water effects) and the stuttering/freezing has been significantly reduced, but still exists.

Problem #2: Aliens vs Predator PC ( AVP PC ) crashes at the loading screen / crashes while loading:

Possible Solution #1:

Switch to DirectX 9 mode.

Possible Solution #2:

For Ati graphics card users, download the Ati Catalyst 9.12 Driver.

Problem #3: Aliens vs Predator PC ( AVP PC ) screen goes to black screen while loading with ATI HD 4000 Series:

Possible Solution #1: (By Aztek87 from the Steam forums)

I had the same problem with my Radeon HD4870 as soon as i installed the new catalyst 10.2 when i went back to the 9.12s “hotfix” the problem when away and i could play in directx 11/10 mode just fine, just uninstall the 10.2s and install the 9.12s on the link below.

Link for the 9.12s for Vista/7 32&64bit.

Problem #4: Can’t find any online multiplayer games in Aliens vs Preadator PC ( AVP PC ) / no games found:
Possible Solution #1: (By Ge15t from the Sega forums)

Open steam -> Click on file up the top -> Click Settings -> Click the downloads tab -> Choose a different download region (USA usually)

Problem #5: Can’t play Aliens vs Predator PC ( AVP PC ) because ” game is currently unavailable ”:
Possible Solution #1: (By Wolfrip_Sixshot from the Steam forums)

This fix works for the Full game and demo.

Go into your steam games, right click on avp->properties->local files tab->verify integrity of game cache.It will check the files and update them if something is wrong/currupted.

Note: If end up having verify integrity every time you quit the game to get to work then you have a currupted file that needs deleting. You have a choice between verify integrity before each launch or deleting local file content and redownloading AVP. (i know its a pain)
Note 2: This problem might have been caused by users downloading/installing the game then launching it stright away without doing a reboot of their computer thus causing files to become currupted

If that does not work try this fix

Go into your Steam folder/steamapps/common/AvP and then /redist/VC and install.

AVP’s version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 fixes it!

“DO NOT get it from microsofts site as it does not use the exact same config.”


1. You may need to uninstall any other versions of Microsoft Visual C++ on your computer then reboot it before installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2005.

2. It may not install correctly if you have a firewall/antivirus enabled. Disable them.

3. “Sometimes” it won’t install correctly if you have AVG anti-virus installed on your computer. You need to uninstall it.



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