Metro 2033 PC Crash, Black Screen, Freezes, Executable Has Stopped Working, Audio glitches, Can’t Launch, and More, Fix and Fixes

Friday, June 25, 2010

Stalker Met its Match: Metro 2033-There's more to fear than just the darkness.
A gritting post apocalyptic saga set in a post-apocalyptic moscow and what lies beneath it.Encounter your worst fears come to life where there is a fight for survival.Based on the Russian novel by Dmitry glukhovsky game have received critical acclaim for its intense atmosphere and gameplay.Unfortunately for many readers the game also comes with a long list of bugs which needs to be addressed if you have ny chance of playing this game.Thankfully ill give some game fixes which you might feel useful for the game.
FIRST AND FOREMOST: Update Your Nvidia or Ati drivers to the latest to minimise driver related issues.
If you encounter any other error other than the ones listed below, feel free to post em in the comments section.
System Requirements:
* Dual core CPU (any Core 2 Duo or better will do)
* DirectX 9, Shader Model 3 compliant graphics cards (GeForce 8800, GeForce GT220 and above)
* Any Quad Core or 3.0+ GHz Dual Core CPU
* DirectX 10 compliant graphics card (GeForce GTX 260 and above)

* Core i7 CPU
* NVIDIA DirectX 11 compliant graphics card (GeForce GTX 480 and 470)
* As much RAM as possible (8GB+)
* Fast HDD or SSD

Enabling 3D vision:
Metro 2033 uses nvidia 3d vision with compatable cards and hardware.There are applicable for the following ones:
* NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275 and above recommended
* A 120Hz (or above) monitor
* NVIDIA 3D Vision kit
* Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7
Problem #1 Metro 2033 black screen on start up / launch :
Solution #1:(By TehWhale 4A games tech support)
Browse to your this folder in your Steam path: \Steam\userdata\(user id)\43110\remote
With your own user id.
In that folder you should find the Metro user.cfg file that the steam cloud saves locally. Open it and change the fullscreen value to off, then save the file.
Completely quit and restart Steam.exe so it grabs the updates from the user.cfg, and launch Metro.
It should launch in windowed mode. Go to the options menu, and change the Direct X value to 10, accept and quit.
Open the user.cfg file again, and change the fullscreen value back to on. Completely restart Steam again and launch the game.
Solution #2:(By Riutse from the Steam forums)

I got a black screen upon re-entering the game from an alt-tab but found that alt-tabbing again and then re-entering the game for a second time fixed the issue.
Possible Solution #3: (By DualBootGamer from the Steam forums)

For those of you who have Alt+Tab blackout here is the fix
*Manually set the nvidia driver override
*Use 8xQ as AA - CSAA Modes give problems (8x 16x 16xQ)
*What works for no blackout (2x 4x 8xQ)
Now you will get past the black screen…
This is what I did to fix it… (see images I uploaded)
Personally I turn v-sync off, but I turn on triple buffering.
GTX 260 216 Core 896MB 1680×1050 Samsung 226BW 22″
Problem #2: Metro 2033 won’t launch after installing 197.13 Nvidia driver
Possible Solution : ( By xyos212 from the Steam forums)
Fixed it! Simply uninstalled, ran driver sweeper in safe mode then reinstalled. Odd thing is I always do this. I have no idea why reinstalling fixed it, but its fixed
Problem #3: Metro 2033 has encountered an error:
Unfortunately they havent been able to find a fix to this solution.Even the pirated versions have been running into this problems and let hope a fix is on its way.
Problem #4: Metro cant run in dx 11:
Solution: (By xXxGenesisxXx, Metro tech support)
make sure the Gpu drivers and Dx are up to date.
Problem #5: Sound errors or audio issues:
Solution: Update your sound drivers and try to turn off hardware acceleration and reduce the sampling rate from 48000hz to 44000hz.Drastic improvement in sturreting and sound related issues.
Problem #6: Metro encounters crashes during start up or launch or while running:
Solution:Delete content.upk0 from the metro directory and try running the game.
Problem #7: How to improve performance and prevent screen tearing while playing Metro 2033 :
Possible Solution #1: (By Tinyrake from the Steam forums)
Running on running Windows 7 64-bit with an Nvidia 280 card.
Too much tearing, and the performance was too low. Here’s how to fix both issues.
First, Get the new drivers
Then pull down RivaTuner and forced Vsync.
Now it will work like a dream.
Problem#8: metro 2033 crash during game play:
Solution:Install everything found in the install folder from c++ to dx11, physx drivers.DONT MISS ANYTHING.



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