Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Crash, Errors, CTD, Freezes, Can’t Play Online, Black Screen, Low Framerate and more, Fix and Fixes

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Battlefield :Bad Company 2: Taking it to the next level
                                         What will you get if you have a huge arsenal of weapons ,loads of explosions ,and of course fun-Battlefield :Bad Company 2.This game achieves what the other games including Modern warfare couldn't achieve.The gameplay in Bad Company 2 is primarily a squad based first-person shooter. Similar to previous titles in the series, the game is played out on large maps with vehicles, aircraft, turrets, unmanned aerial vehicles armed with hellfire missiles, and so on, but the majority of the game is based around infantry combat. Players can score points by performing a variety of tasks that do not involve directly engaging with opposition players. For example, the "engineer" class can score points through the repair of various equipment and vehicles, or the "medic" class can do so by healing his squad and reviving recently killed players. A key gameplay feature introduced by its predecessor, Bad Company, is destructible environments. The improved system is called "Destruction 2.0". It now allows players to completely demolish a building with sustained explosive firepower, resulting
in the building becoming a pile of rubble and killing any trapped inside.The game also includes bullet drop, a feature previously seen in single-player games such as the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, which causes bullets and other munitions to fall downwards due to gravity.
                                                             Even with all the state of the art features to be a classic mmorpg,many players have encountered various errors like Crash to Desktops,framerate issues etc.If you encounter any other issue apart from the ones listed below,feel free to holla @ me.But before please make sure that:
1)You Meet System Requirements: 
Minimum: Operating System: Windows XP
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @2 GHZ
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 10GB for disc version or 15GB for digital version
Video Card (graphics): DirectX 9.0c Compatible Graphics card with 256 MB VRAM
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compliant Sound card
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
1 Mbit/s internet connection for online play
 Recommended:Operating System: Windows Vista or Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad , AMD Phenom X4
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 10GB for disc version or 15GB for digital version
Video Card graphics: DirectX 10 Compatible Graphics card with 512 MB VRAM
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compliant Sound card
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
1 Mbit/s internet connection for online play
2)Update your Nvidia or Ati drivers to the latest or atleast the Beta release from the manufacturers.
Problem #1: How to change FOV (Field of View) when playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC ( BFBC2 ):

Solution #1: (By zerk16 from theBFBC2 forums)

Unfortunately, changing your FOV is not a straightforward option setting in the game. To change you FOV you will have to navigate to the BFBC2 folder under your My Documents folder and edit the “Settings.ini” file. You should see a default setting for the FOV, which would read “FOV = 55″. Make sure the game isn’t running when you change this setting.
Problem #2: Mouse not working / does not work when playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC ( BFBC2 ):
Possible Solution #1: (By Cilayin from the BFBC2 forums)

If you’re playing in fullscreen try playing in windowed mode by pressing, alt+enter.Once you’re in window mode see if the difference between where the button is and where your cursor is at is still present.

If it went away, trying going back into fullscreen (Once again, pressing alt+enter) and see if that fixes it…
Possible Solution #2: (By MisterClean84 from the BFBC2 forums)

In settings.ini, change dxversion=auto to dxversion=9

Possible Solution #3: (By camperbf1942 from the BFBC2 forums):

Possible Solution: Exit game. Right click on your wallpaper/windows background. Botton left side screen click personalize, click 100%.

Problem #3: Getting kicked from online matches by Punkbuster while Playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC ( BFBC2 ):

Possible Solution #1: (By perkabalo from the BFBC2 forums)

Reinstall Punkbuster Services
Possible Solution #2: (By realjoss from the BFBC2 forums)

If you’re using Steam, go to File, Settings, In-Game Tab and uncheck Enable Steam Community In-Game.
Possible Solution #3: (By TheSeraph from the BFBC2 forums)

If you’re still having problems try this:

Go into your installation directory for BC2 (default for xp: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\ or win7: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\). Check to see if the following exists (for those who don’t know, a \XX\ indicates a folder named XX, then after the \ follow file names):

\pb\ 3 files: pbag.dll, pbcl.dll, pbsv.dll\Punkbuster\ 1 file: pbsvc.exe

If you don’t have the above files in place, and you’ve tried running PBsetup from EvenBalance (, then you may need to re-install.

I actually originally downloaded the original client (first day of beta, before patch, though I don’t believe the patch has anything/little to do with it) and began having the same problem as you guys are this morning - after updating PB I was fine. However, for testing purposes, I re-DL’ed off of Steam and found that the installer updates PB as the game is installed, and installs the necessary services.If that still doesn’t work, try just starting the 2 PB services manually. Because it’s different for seperate games, I doubt this will work - however, if you want to try, there are 2 services to start: PnkBstA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe.

Hope that helps

Possible Solution #4: (By Major Comedown from the BFBC2 forums):
Possible Solution: Download the lates version of pbsetup and when unpacked, transfer the pbsetup.exe to the desktop.Delete the PB folder in C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield Bad Company 2 - BETA

Run PBSETUP from the desktop and add BFBC2.If you recieve an error towards the end of the update where it’s something along the lines of:

“HTM MD5s do not match security information. Please try updating again later”

Check your antivirus software for quarantined items associated with punkbuster.

Authorise these and run the update in pbsetup again and everything should work swimmingly.

This sounds obvious but my university antivirus didnt flag up anything as it normally does so I didnt have a clue there was something in quarantine (right at the bottom of the list) awaiting my ‘approval’.

Hope this helps.
Possible Solution #5: (By D12AKO from the BFBC2 forums)

If you’re running Vista or Windows 7. Copy the BFBC2 Updater shortcut. Right click on the shortcut and go to properties. There should be a box that says Run as Administrator. Check the box and use that shortcut to launch your game. This should take care of most connectivity issues with Vista and Windows 7.

You may also be kicked from a Server if the Server hasn’t auto updated to the latest PB. This has happened to some servers where the clients are running a newer PB than the server. Our Server seems to be running with no issues since we manually updated the PB and has been stable now for several hours. Try joining and see if you get kicked, if you do then the problem is on your side. Check you firewall after any updates to confirm that the updated version of the game is allowed to connect.

Hope this helps…

Problem #4: Can’t play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC ( BFBC2 ) online / connection to the server has been lost:
Possible Solution : (By Decimation from the BFBC2 forums)

Many are blaming EA for the server access, however it more about user side access being correctly configured.BF2BC require certain TCP and UDP ports to be opened for access to servers. These are the ones that work for me, settings that have to be applied to your router.

TCP Ports: 80, 13505, 18800, 18805
UDP Ports: 53, 10000, 11000-11030, 18805

One can Enable DMZ if connection is still a problem, but only as a last measure. The above should be sufficient.

Problem #5: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 crashes / crashing to desktop ( CTD ):
Possible Solution : (By shimmy! from the Steam forums)
Go to Documents>>BFBC2 Folder>>find settings,click it>>find “dxversion=”>>change it to dxversion=9 (or 10)

Problem #6: How to force a DirectX version for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC ( BFBC2 ):
Possible Solution : (By Kalms from the Steam forums)

To force a specific DirectX version, go to your settings.ini in My Documents\BFBC2. Look for “DxVersion=Auto” and change it to the setting you prefer based on the list below.

* DxVersion=auto
* DxVersion=11
* DxVersion=10
* DxVersion=9

If for some reason a higher version of DirectX fails, it will automatically try the next version. IE: If you set it for DxVersion=11, it will try version 11, then 10, and finally 9.

Problem #7: Encounter slow framerate, bad / low performance when playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC ( BFBC2 ):

Possible Solution:Install the latest nvidia or ati video card driver and change the DirectX version to 9

Problem #8: Encounter graphics glitch / error when playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC ( BFBC2 ):

Possible Solution:Turn off bloom

Problem #9: Encounter white / black screen while playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC ( BFBC2 ):

Possible Solution: (From EA)
1.Go into your "Documents" folder and into "BFBC2" Folder.
2.Find and Open "Settings.ini"
3. Find and Change "DxVersion=Auto" into "DxVersion=9" Now save it and Enjoy ur BFBD2
Problem #10: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 won’t install on Windows 7 x64 using EA Download Manager:

Possible Solution: (By Saraneth from the BFBC2 forums)

Disable your virus scanner and re-download Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Problem#11:Battlefield : Bad Company 2 Stuttering:
Possible Solution:By deleting the PB folder in BF2 directory and reinstalling using PBsetup, the problem was resolved.



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